An analysis of a touching story of rabbits in watership down by richard adams

The Ideal Leader While comparing the story to various social forms among people may be reaching, examining the characters in terms of leadership qualities is not.

Woundwort is bigger and stronger than any other rabbit, but Bigwig defeats him, and soon afterward the dog comes and scatters the Efrafan forces.

Watership Down

In other words, Vervain is the classic bully—always ready to fight someone smaller than him and not that smart. He has Blackberry come up with a plan, and then the group sets off, leaving behind a few rabbits at the warren.

Other Rabbits There are so many other rabbits mentioned that Watership Down may start to feel like A Game of Thrones or some other book with a huge cast. As he explained inhe "began telling the story of the rabbits I understand why it has to be this way.

But in reality these are but the fragments of a time when we used to be a story-formed community — and that story was Christianity. Though larger and stronger than Bigwig, he lacks mercy and kindness. Strawberry is strong and sleek but not as hardy as the other rabbits given his warren upbringing but learns quickly and gets along well with the group.

Okay, we never said they do a lot. Other does get mentioned by name, like Vilthuril and Thrayonlosa, but they have less important roles to play in the plot.

Watership Down Themes & Topics

In the novel, the rabbits have no idea where they are headed. Keith Mano, a science fiction writer and conservative social commentator writing in the National Reviewdeclared that the novel was "pleasant enough, but it has about the same intellectual firepower as Dumbo. They also have to learn to separate appearance from reality.

He is quiet and intuitive, and though he does not directly act as a leader, the others listen to and follow his advice. The other rabbits respect Hazel, and after a while their faith in him is unshakable, simply because he acts swiftly and confidently and keeps the entire group in mind when he does so.

When Woundwort's forces storm the Honeycomb, he is ordered by Woundwort to kill Fiver, but Fiver's supernatural calmness and prophesising of his Vervain's death terrify him into fleeing, and he is never seen again.

A black-headed gull who is forced, by an injured wing, to take refuge on Watership Down, and befriends the rabbits when they help him. When he and his brother Hazel fail to convince their chief rabbit of the need to evacuate, they set out on their own, accompanied by nine other rabbits who choose to go with them.

His name is Hlao in Lapine. Hazel sends a small embassy, led by Holly, to Efrafa to present their request for does. The events show that individuals do similar things differently; being different does not mean bad, nor does it mean that all should be alike.

Fiver tells the Threarah that he foresees great danger, but the Chief Rabbit does not believe him. Home is a place in which to take pleasure, not just a place that provides protection or food.

At the top there is a perfect field for a rabbit warren. The residents of the new warren are simply using Hazel and the others to increase their own odds of survival. The language was again used in Adams' sequel, Tales from Watership Downand has appeared in both the film and television adaptations.

He represents what every rabbit wants to be; smart, devious, tricky, and devoted to the well-being of his warren. His name in Lapine is Thlayli, which literally means "Fur-head" and refers to the shock of fur on the back of his head.

Lanes observed that the does are only "instruments of reproduction" to prevent the achievement of reaching Watership Down from "becoming a hollow victory".However, a closer examination of Richard Adams’ great literary work, Watership Down, shows that perhaps Adams was discussing more than a rabbit tale.

The story, on its surface is about anthropomorphized (in thought and language anyway) rabbits, but at its heart, I believe it to be much more.

Gods & Rabbits: How Watership Down Leads Believers and Writers to Freedom. By Pete Peterson Film; Story; Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, creator of Fiver and Bigwig and Hazel and an entire rabbit vocabulary, died I’m trying to talk about what is REAL and sometimes a story is the only way I know how to do that.

When Hopes and. Watership Down is the tale of a group of rabbits in search of a home. Fiver, a small, young rabbit, has a gift: He can tell when things are going to happen and he can sense whether they will be good or bad.

Fiver foresees great danger to the rabbits' home warren. The rabbits of Watership Down reveal much about 21st century Britain Giles Fraser Richard Adams’ classic novel illustrates how cohesion is lost when communities neglect the stories that bind them. A summary of Themes in Richard Adams's Watership Down.

Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Watership Down and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. FREE WATERSHIP DOWN STUDY GUIDE PLOT STRUCTURE ANALYSIS. The story plot is a journey which takes the rabbits from a place where they are in danger to a place where they can live in safety.

The rabbits of Watership Down reveal much about 21st century Britain

Two major subplots are the discovery of the secrets of the tame warren and the journey to Efrafa and back. Watership Down by Richard Adams Free.

An analysis of a touching story of rabbits in watership down by richard adams
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