How to write a concert review for music appreciation course

If you prefer you can listen to them from the Media Center located on the 4th floor of Rosenberg library, City College Phelan campus. Your participation will be graded and you will be asked similar questions during the midterm and later final exam. Day 46 Do the last three sections under Key Signatures.

You may review one film in replace of one concert. Day 37 Learn about the bass trombone. For each Concert Report, the student is required to: All of the recorded examples are also available in the Media Center.

Due date is within three weeks of the concert. The piece started out beautifully and the tone and melody were pleasing to listen. Do not send email to Blackboard! The concert may be a large ensemble, a small ensemble, or a solo recital, such as: Please include in your review the following: Learn about the cor anglais.

What did you like most and why? Please make it full screen to avoid distractions. Afterward you will post your answer on the course bulletin board. Do you think when you hear an instrument you could recognize easily if an instrument is from the string, brass, woodwind or percussion family?

The way you fulfill that requirement is by either downloading the files from the Music Appreciation website, by listen to streaming audio example available to you from the weekly web lecture, or optionally visiting the Media Center see above to do your listening.

Quizzes take place in class on Thursdays. Bring your textbook to every class. View the tasks to complete. All the Web Lectures are dated with the corresponding week they are due. Your computer must have an mp3 player, which many computers already have installed in their operating system.

Attendance will be taken within the first five minutes of class. Use this page to review if necessary. Then do the two pages about character and distance. There are three different ways to communicate: For a fall or spring semester class that meets three times each week, the student's grade will be lowered one letter grade after the first 9 unexcused absences plus one additional letter grade for every 6 subsequent unexcused absences.

Then do it for the letter O. In addition to preparing you for the midterm and final the weekly quizzes will indicate how you are keeping up with the class, website viewing, listening and textbook reading.

See Concert Report for instructions and an example of how to write the concert report.The concert was performance by Katelyn Bouska, a doctoral student at Temple University, who is an active solo and collaborative performer on both historical and modern keyboard instruments.

She played keyboard pieces from 20th century for this concert/5(2). the concert was held earlier in the day, or extremely late at night, be sure to mention that. 2. Description. The main body of the concert review should include brief discussions of each piece played during the concert you attended.

Do not quote the program notes: you should write your own observations on the performance. MU - Music Appreciation Online Colorado State University – Spring Course Objectives: Music is among the many artistic expressions created by society.

This course will investigate historical, societal, The understanding to write about music using relevant terminology. Of course, some features of Haydn’s character can be easily found in his music.


His minor-key works are serious in character and can be the exception to the rule. His fast movements are rhythmical and can show great energy at the end. Column 2 should be the composer’s first and last names. Underneath his name, in parenthesis write his birth year (year only) and death year (year only).


Music Appreciation

Concert. Date. Student Name. Description. Possible Points Tips for Concert Reports. MUS Music Appreciation and write a concert review for each (1, to 1,words). You must submit your report for Relate the music to one of the units in the course.

4. a rating of the concert, including the quality of the performer(s), performance site, the audience, the program, and so on.

How to write a concert review for music appreciation course
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