Oregon business plan clusters

To ensure an inclusive and competitive economy it is critical that economic development explicitly invests in communities and populations that encounter significant systemic barriers to economic prosperity.

Find out more about Engineers Without Borders at: To achieve these goals, the Plan envisions Oregon building up a strong set of innovative and globally competitive industry clusters that sell products and services outside of Oregon, in turn producing payrolls that support families and communities while funding critical public services that improve life and attract even more businesses.

We offer direct loan and loan guarantee programs to help business grow and scale, as well as working capital. Benchmark Cluster Definitions are designed to enable systemic comparison across regions. All of those elements and more are contained in the Washington Square Regional Center Plan, which was intended to serve as the blueprint for commercial and residential growth in a 1,acre area anchored by one of the most successful shopping complexes in the country.

Then follow our Private Sector path. But the city has to allow for the possibility. A level playing field would eliminate these concerns. Oregon secures jobs that buoy local economies and generate additional revenues for schools and other public services.

With high densities in residential areas within the regional center's boundaries, the thinking went, people living in those houses, condos and apartments could be within minutes of the job clusters also contained in regional centers.

Special Session to Secure Major Jobs Opportunity Illustrates Oregon Business Plan Vision

OBC directors often either take part in these programs directly or oversee them through OBC committees or task forces. With rates of non-white population growth exceeding white population rates, it is increasingly important that underrepresented communities have access to quality jobs and have opportunities to create wealth.

Increased ethnic and racial diversity is a competitive advantage, but Oregon must address educational and workforce development disparities to have a competitive labor pool. An expert in electrical machine design, motor and generator efficiency, and power systems analysis, Wallace was director of the OSU Motor Systems Resource Facility, one of the largest and most sophisticated testing labs of its type in the U.

Funding focuses on these areas: Historically, Oregon has excelled in key indicators of innovation, such as patents and industry productivity. And rural Oregon is vital to the cultural and social fabric of the state.

He will be dearly missed. But it would be an oregon business plan clusters better idea if all companies got the same certainty—big and small alike. As our economy is increasingly driven by innovation, advanced technologies, and highly skilled labor, it is also becoming more metropolitan.

Industry Clusters are an important part of the Oregon Business Plan framework. Attendees will share ideas and findings, build collaborative networks, participate in working groups, exhibit commercial technologies and services, and help set agendas for developing new microproducts.

Read more about Lee's research: For companies that operate in many states, a key tax issue is how to apportion profits among those states for tax purposes. So last month, the City Council agreed to hire a consultant to develop some interim regulations.

This growth represents a 6 percent increase in Virginia over the decade, which exceeds the projected 3 percent national average growth among all occupations in this cluster, a figure based on Trailblazers analysis of data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Follow Policymaker Path I am an Academic or Researcher Are you interested in learning more about clusters and conducting action-oriented research?

We envision achieving the Business Plan goals by growing diverse, thriving clusters of industries that are global leaders in product design and innovation. It fuels the creation of new technologies, companies, and industries.

Similarly, disparities in multi-generation wealth is the primary obstacle within historically disadvantaged populations to ensure long-term prosperity. Industry clusters are a logical organizing principle to support traded-sector job growth in Oregon. The reasons underlying that marked lack of activity are numerous, according to the jurisdictions charged with implementing its many recommendations.

The late-night noodlings of some fever-gripped city planner? The Governor will ask the special session for a law assuring companies committing to significant long-term investments in Oregon that current corporate tax policy will stay in place over the same term.

Similarly, disparities in multi-generation wealth is the primary obstacle within historically disadvantaged populations to ensure long-term prosperity.

September 14, at A broad range of issues related to the Oregon Business Plan are aired at the yearly summit. will include stories from some of the state's most dynamic business clusters and companies.

Planning and Development

The realization of the objective will support the vision of the Oregon Business Plan and reinforces the 4Ps in a way that promotes the growth and health of Oregon's traded-sector clusters. Government Services Sector Lead. Peter Moy is an FCS GROUP principal and shareholder with over 44 years of public sector experience specializing in public finance, program evaluation, personnel and organizational analysis, management and operational reviews, performance audits, and policy analysis.

Included in the South Central Oregon Economic Development District Technical Report is an overview of The Region, updated demographic information on Our People and Our Economy along with an analysis of our economic base along with the.

OBC Is Organized Around Policy Initiatives

The Oregon Business Plan focuses on industry clusters as a core concept for economic development in Oregon. Industry clusters are geographic concentrations of similar and/or related firms that draw.

Port of Umpqua Strategic Business Plan Strategic Business Plan Page | 3 June Chapter II: HISTORY, EXISTING CONDITIONS & TRENDS This chapter provides a brief overview of the Port’s background, key historic events, and.

Oregon business plan clusters
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