Successful digital marketing case studies

While their customers might not necessarily participate in extreme sports or the other events Red Bull sponsors, their client base still enjoys watching them. Those odd little cartoons with silly, overdramatized voices in hilarious situations are something that have made and are currently making a huge impact.

Health Snack Food Manufacturer Methods: Red Bull believes that they can get some Successful digital marketing case studies the best, most effective campaigns by involving their entire company.

9 Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies That Increased Revenue

About The Author David Booth David Booth is a co-founder and Partner at Cardinal Pathwhere he helps organizations use data and digital intelligence to gain competitive advantage in their markets. Decision Analyst developed a comprehensive index score based on over 15 variables and collected data simultaneously in 11 countries and in 9 languages.

More specifically, I'll take a look two content marketing pillars who have created the foundations of what a great content marketing strategy is all about! A health insurance carrier wanted to incorporate patient satisfaction measurements as a quality outcome indicator when recredentialing each member of its network.

We develop passion platforms, intelligent digital experiences, performance media engines and seamless commerce transactions designed around the consumer — understanding how specific moments in the customer journey can translate into substantial impact in business outcomes.

Case Studies

A multinational automobile manufacturer sought to introduce a new vehicle into a segment of the market that technically did not exist at that time. When a product on your site is purchased, you might have both e-commerce revenue and a goal value captured for a single transaction depending on how Google Analytics is set up on your site.

Decision Analyst conducted a MaxDiff analysis on the proposed message statements to determine which messages consumers preferred. Maybe you want to maximize the amount of traffic that you drive to a specific page.

But browsing device galleries and using the chat feature were among the more valuable actions, and the single most important factor in purchase intent was interacting with the current special offers.

It’s a C2B World

What were the results? On the Right Track: On the IT front, Ford slashed the budget by a massive 30 percent. Calibration to external sales data was applied to improve the reliability of volumetric estimates.

In the example Brian gaveif your profit margin is 0. The results revealed complex interactions among the site-location variables. The Captive Finance arm of a Global Auto Manufacturer had historically relied on a traditional approach to developing new business, utilizing the value of its automotive products as the primary conduit for attracting customers.

With dinner being a key strategic opportunity for a major casual-dining restaurant, scores from quantitative data were significantly lower for the restaurant than its main competitors, and the company used online qualitative and ethnographic research to uncover current perceptions of the brand, menu choices, food, and service.

A large managed-care company wanted to optimize its customer satisfaction levels among its Preferred Provider Network PPN.

A manufacturer created a new product line that was targeted to children aged 6 to Let's look at a few other ways they're a content marketing juggernaut.

A global healthcare company that develops products and systems for in-home use and testing was planning a new product introduction. Remarkable technology that remains unmatched. Let's take a look at the company that gives you wings, and the company you use to film when you get those wings.

And more evidence to prove we know how to grow businesses. A Choice Modeling project was conducted to identify the table spread products most likely to experience an increase in sales by including the cooking oil as a key ingredient. A multinational automotive manufacturer OEM with no previous experience in the U.

Use email marketing to send more content-valuable mails instead of mainly sales-driven letters Use social networks to distribute content as well as to communicate with the audience Keep company website fresh by wisely selecting content for publications on it Provide press-releases and use partner companies to exchange articles Results Once distribution channels had been prioritized and improved, the changes became soon visible, especially in email marketing.

The company utilizes YouTube to provide videos to their over 3 million subscribers using different extreme sports in a video series. The company states that the product is completely secondary. COO Kevin Johnson perhaps sums it up best: Qualified respondents were asked to rate and rank an extensive list of ingredients, while assigning them into the different categories of personal-care products to which they were best suited.

Enter predictive analytics, and specifically, another use for purchase intent. The chain felt that major metropolitan areas offered limited growth opportunities, and wondered if smaller towns might be viable for its retail stores.

Nonetheless, in it was no longer possible to ignore the successful examples of other industries and the company decided to try it out. Strategy One thing to note here.

Taco bell had low engagement across their social media channels.Dreaming to become a successful digital marketing consultant? Here is your guide to become a winning digital marketing consultant in ! If you are dreaming to become a successful digital marketing consultant inyou need to be well-versed and familiar with the following digital marketing trends: • You can add the case studies.

Lead Select 'Lead' to find cases in which a media or channel plays a leading or significant role (available for case studies since ). Mix Select 'Mix' to find cases that simply include a media or channel in their marketing.

May 16,  · Here, we have rounded up a handful of case studies, insights, and examples of campaigns executed by a number of digital marketing experts in Singapore.

Walter Lim – Social Media & Content Marketing Expert.

Digital case study: John Lewis’ Secret To Digital Marketing Success

This article highlights seven mini case studies of businesses that have stood out by implementing innovative social media marketing practices.

You’ll find inspiration for your social media marketing efforts here. Sharpie is the permanent marker company. Through social media and other marketing.

Case Study 1 - Pembroke Hotel Kilkenny. This luxury 4 star hotel in Kilkenny City partners with Trinity Hospitality Services in several areas including purchasing, revenue management and digital marketing.

For those unfamiliar with marketing acronyms and terms, digital asset management is the process of organizing, storing, and enabling the retrieval of “rich media.” This includes content that your company owns like logos, images, brand guidelines, PDFs, case studies, and whitepapers.

Successful digital marketing case studies
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