Thesis statement verbs

This resource provides tips for creating a thesis statement and examples of different types of thesis statements. A college education is a life-long benefit.

What some people refer to as global warming is actually nothing more than normal, long-term cycles of climate change. An analytical paper breaks down an issue or an idea into its component parts, evaluates the issue or idea, and presents this breakdown and evaluation to the audience.

Remember from Chapter 7 "The Writing Process: Finally, what does the author mean by "society"? The popularity of SUVs in America has caused pollution to increase. See Chapter 7 "The Writing Process: Just as a thesis statement organizes an essay, it can also organize your e-mail request.

Poor Examples There are serious objections to tracking students. Then you want to construct the simplest sentence that you can using the verbs: Each essay you are supposed to write ought to include a primary stance, a key viewpoint, or a crucial communication.

Here are a couple of examples that illustrate the way in which particular word uses emphasize and elucidate the significance. Instead of being generic, extensive and trivial, your thesis statement ought to be concentrated, narrow and fresh. A thesis statement is focused and specific enough to be proven within the boundaries of the paper.

Strike the right balance. Now suppose we find out in our primary research of LT's interviews that some of the stuff in our brainstorming session was wrong? Your thesis statement should be specific—it should cover only what you will discuss in your paper and should be supported with specific evidence.

Thesis Statement Revision Your thesis will probably change as you write, so you will need to modify it to reflect exactly what you have discussed in your essay. A thesis is weak when the statement is too broad. Some citizens might think focusing on recycling programs rather than private automobiles is the most effective strategy.

So for this paragraph, the most descriptive statement is: What is a Thesis Statement?

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An analysis of the college admission process reveals one challenge facing counselors: Your topic may change as you write, so you may need to revise your thesis statement to reflect exactly what you have discussed in the paper.

We could narrow each debatable thesis from the previous examples in the following way: The broader your claim is, the more evidence you will need to convince readers that your position is right.

The paper that follows should: Claims of fact or definition: The thesis statement or main claim must be debatable An argumentative or persuasive piece of writing must begin with a debatable thesis or claim.

Rath to discuss your topic.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

This requires two you to do two things, not one. You use it as a guide to your research. No adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, even negatives so your simple sentence will actually mean the opposite of what it is supposed to.

The goal of the argumentative paper is to convince the audience that the claim is true based on the evidence provided. Kansas City schoolteachers are not paid enough. Afterwards, move on with additional progress. Even if you start with one type of claim you probably will be using several within the paper.

Paris is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. At least 25 percent of the federal budget should be spent on limiting pollution.

Writing a Thesis Statement

Some organization televises LT. No one could reasonably argue that pollution is good.Microphotonics Center at MIT. Back; Short Reach Interconnect TWG; Open Architecture System Optimization TWG (Restricted).

Thesis Statement Verbs. Accentuates Affirms Analyzes Attempts Attributes Bestows.

Thesis and Purpose Statements

Broadens Clarifies Compares Concludes Confirms Connotes. Specific Verbs to add to the verb part of your thesis statement. The standard format is "In _____'s piece "_____," the poet _____ to [insert your argument here.] The first blank in the sentence will be the author's name, the second blank will be the title of the work, and the third blank will Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

The thesis statement or main claim must be debatable An argumentative or persuasive piece of writing must begin with a debatable thesis or claim. In other words, the thesis must be something that people could reasonably have differing opinions on.

Thesis Statement Verbs

A good thesis statement should be between one and two sentences and both introduce the topic and inform the reader of your position on the matter.

It provides direction for your essay and keeps it focused on a narrow topic. The linking verb in this working thesis statement is the word are. Linking verbs often make thesis statements weak because they do not express action.

Linking verbs often make thesis statements weak because they do not express action.

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Thesis statement verbs
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